People have experience with carbon brakes? Trp? Ciamillo?

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Looking to buy some carbon brakes
And found some cheaper ones like TRP and ciamillo... do they brake less powerfull? Harder to set up? More fragile?


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by NiFTY

Trp are carbon wrap alloy. Ciamillo have .... issues. The new ones(lekki8) are an unknown quantity. Thm fibula old version good power but minimal grit tolerance as weak return spring. New version had centering issues. Ax lightness were apparently weak. Just get some second hand ee if keen for a light but powerful brake.
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by Weenie

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by hannawald

there are 2 people on forum who likes Lekki 8. There is a good review on them on roadbikereview. I have just bought them. The installation needs to be precise, I haven´t ridden them yet, stopping power will be probably ok, in the review they say it´s on par on Sram Red Aerolinks. I used to have them and with Bora One AC3 brake track it was perfect. They are even lighter than EE brakes but EE brakes are already proven, these are new and very few people ride them. I was told by Ted Ciamillo that if I am unhappy with their stopping power, I can return them.

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