What pressures do you run on your Vittoria Corsa G+ tubs?

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by neeb

The minimum pressures seem very high. I'm 64kg and currently have a 23mm tubular on the front and a 25mm on the rear and am running both at 95 psi, but the minumums on the sidewalls are 115 psi for the 23mm and 100 for the 25..

Feels good at the pressures I'm using. Wondering if I might be risking pinch flats (I know from experience that tubulars DO pinch flat sometimes).

by Weenie

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by Wookski

Vittoria’s recommendations are based on ETRTO and take into account worst case scenario of rider weight, load etc. They’re notoriously high and universally ignored. Depending on conditions I run corsa tubs at 75 to 90 PSI.

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by bikeboy1tr

I weigh 81kg and run typically run my Vittorias at 100 psi for 25mm and 110 for 23mm. Long as you cannot feel the tire contacting the rim on impact of the roughest of bumps you encounter than it should all be good.
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by neeb

Brilliant, thanks both.

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by Kayrehn

Yes I've questioned that myself in the past when I used their app which gave me quite a large number for their recommended pressure. I'm 70kg and I run 25mm at 90/100 max (roads here are good).

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by Alexandrumarian

I'm from 92 to 98kg and these days I settled on ~110 rear 100 front (7.5 and 7 bar to be precise) I used to pump the rear to 8 when I first got tubs (25mm Arenberg or G+) then gradually tried less with no ill effects. I also have a 27mm rear wheel and go for 5.8-6 bar depending on road.

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by Rappid

I just found Corsa G+ in 26mm.
Has anyone tried these?


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by Jbass

Running 100 psi, 25 mm tubs.

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by mortirolo

"23mm tubular on the front and a 25mm on the rear"


front: 105
rear: 95
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by Weenie

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