Anyone using Fizik Bibs with their Fizik saddle?

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by BiaNeutron

So it's indoor trainer season again. On the trainer bike I was experimenting a bit with some saddles from my 'collection'. I use an old pair of Garneau bibs with a pad that's a bit on the thin side. It's usually OK for sessions up to an hour. Anyway, I fitted an Antares I had from 2014 and to be honest, pretty good. Since I first bought that saddle I've had a couple of proper bike fits and am seated in a completely different way to how it was back in 2014. Much more neutral. The other night I was forced to do the indoor session with a good pair of Assos shorts which I've had for a year or so. Honest appraisal, while the materials are top notch And I can see that on a longer outdoor ride that the Assos bibs would be hands down better, there is however a feeling that the shape if the pad isn't there on the Antares. On the trainer it's as if I have to move around a lot to try an find the sweet spot of the saddle, and never find it. If I place the pad on top of the saddle you can see a lot of excess padding wrapping down the sides of the saddle nose. Comparing to the old Garneau ones, the outline of the Garneau foam is a good match for the Antares.

So it got me thinking about the Fizik Bibs. It sounds like an ideal match. Anyone got any experiences with these bibs?

by Weenie

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