Fibre Lyte derailleur plates - any weight savings?

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by tommasini

After seeing the Giant show bike one item on my future "maybe" list was a Fibre Lyte inner cage (rear der.). For campy 10 they claim 6 grams - anyone know what the std alloy inner cage weighs.......maybe this will be a "looks only" upgrade.......

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by jim

this is a looks only upgrade. it saved 2 grams over the stock alloy plate on my record carbon derailleur. the standard plate weighed 8.5gm, and 6.5 for the fibre lyte

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by Frankie - B

Thats two gr.! not only looks! :wink:
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by mariocippollini

2g off a 8.5g component is 23.5% weight saving! Just think how light your bike would be if you could do that to every component! he he! :D

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