New Out-front mount for Extralite Hyperstem

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by Attermann

99 euro ! God that’s a lot, but I really want it

by Weenie

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by sychen

No underside garmin/light mount... Booo

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Just placed my order on Saturday and today received confirmation that the order has shipped.
I'll post pictures once I get it which is not expected for a week since I did not go with the "expedited" shipping option going to the west coast of USA.

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Received my Extralite outfront garmin mount and after ~ 700km have some good and not so good news to report. First off the good, the mount is mostly well made and engineered well. There is very little to no vibration which is nice coming from the Form Mount which was nice but presented too much road buzz.
It is also very light coming in at 21grams on my wifes' jewerly scale this weight includes the faceplate mounts. Now for the not so good news, the garmin mount portion is made of brittle plastic, after only 700km the garmin mount (the part you twist your Garmin on) broke in two places, the small ramps on the interior that apply pressure to keep the Garmin tight snapped and the plastic exterior ring itself cracked, luckily I was only about 10km from home when the Garmin was rattling and I was able to catch it before it dropped. I had an older K-Edge mount that I took out the plastic mount piece and put it on the Extralite mount and works wonderfully. Secondarily, I noticed that the angle of the mount is slightly higher than Extralite stem meaning that if you look at the mount from the side it is angled up slightly. this makes for easier reading of the computer however I would of preferred it to be more flat. I think that this mount might look better with the 12 degree stem. I do enjoy that the Garmin is very stable and looks great, note to Extralite, for the money charged for the mount please use better quality plastic for the Garmin mount ring and keep the angle more flat. Over I'm happy with my purchase and it looks great.

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Attached are a few pic's of my install of the Extralite out-front mount.

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by nickf

I'm not sure if I would be thrilled with that mounted to my stem. Seems like they could have come up with a little more elegant/adjustable solution. It does clean up the front end a little bit. I just don't see myself replacing the Raceware mount I'm using now. Plus its only 20g, and costs half the price.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

RTSM wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:11 pm
Attached are a few pic's of my install of the Extralite out-front mount.
As an Extralite stem user, thanks for posting your comprehensive review.

Truth be told, I'm rather envious of the latest-gen of carbon out-front mounts...

...however, I'm still happily using Raceware Direct's out-front. It buzzes a bit, but isn't any heavier than this AND is double-sided for my Garmin and Fabric Lumaray. Hard to replace what ain't broke.



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