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by Jbass

Hey guys,

I just bought a Tarmac SL6 disc frameset I will be building this winter. The bike will be raced so I need my setup to be convenient and reliable.

I am currently looking at my power meter options. What would you suggest? Would like a lightweight setup, dual sided and accuracy is important.

I am currently looking at Stages, 4iiii or THM (which might be too expensive for a race bike). Any thoughts?

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by FlemishCompact

What groupset are you going with?

by Weenie

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by HaroldC

I’ve been running Power2max power meters on my Specialized cranks for a while now. Always reliable and lightweight. No issues with the three that I’ve owned. Batteries are readily available on Amazon.

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by alcatraz

Stages is light if you can afford the sram/fsa carbon version single sided. I got one of these and I'm happy. Fine for pacing but not so great for comparing absolute performance between power meters. Let's be honest they work fine for 90% of amateur riders. Adds 10-20gr.

You could go with garmin vector 3 pedals if you are good at keeping the bike in good condition, not damaging pedals. Not that heavy and loads of information.

Depends on what kind of pedals you intend to run. If you run look pedals then vector will seem like a good choice not adding much wight.

If you run time or other ultralight pedals then maybe vector3 will feel porky adding ~150gr.

By running a crank based power meter you get reliability, long life, usually. They do add around 100-150gr. Also they require slightly heavier crank design because the spider needs to be removable. Most people just pick a crank based pwm because at the end of the day you need something that works. If you pick hollowtech/gxp standard you can keep this crank until you die basically. Future proof. It's like shoes, helmet more than it is a part of your bike. It's personal for your taste/requirements/fit and can come with you to your future bikes. So the money spent is not always bike budget money. It's lifetime training budget.

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by Jbass

I will be running a DA full group set and pedal-based power meter are out of the question. I would prefer dual sided PM and a light setup.

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by GothicCastle

I have a gen 3 stages dual-sided and I’m happy with it so far. They seem to have worked out the issues that gen 1 and gen 2 had.

I also have two Pioneer power meters that have been problem free. The latest generation of Pioneer meters is quite good, particularly if you have an existing Shimano crank. For ~$800US they’ll install a dual-side power meter on your existing cranks.

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by Lepave

Hi Guys,

Iam building an SL6, wondering what you guys think about the Roval 50 VS Zipp 303......any advice?

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by sun

I like Shimano shifting, so I went with a Quarq DFour 91 on my SL6. Quarq's have been reliable for me. I also looked specifically for Bluetooth connectivity as I use Trainer Road on an iPad.

by Weenie

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