New (to me) EeCycleworks brakes!

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by RocketRacing

Just picked up these circa 2012 (or so) eebrakes. Seem to be in very good cosmetic condition, wth some mild bushing wear, but no slop. Return springs seem to have plenty of life. Mild grit sound when you activate them with your ears up close, but no obvious sound when activating, or binding, and they return just fine. Presume it is part of the charm of light plastic bushings, and a light design with exposed bushings.

I did a thorough cleaning (they were not really dirty), so they look like new, and pondered dissassembly... but figured they would be fine. Any experience/service tips? Wondering about the benefits of bushing lube vs opening up and cleaning (probably an exercise in frustration). These kinds of bushings are generally self lubing (on cars) anyway, and lube would be a grit magnet. So i assume the best action is just to keep them clean and dry, and have them rebuilt when and if the time ever comes.

They will be replacing some 6800 era ultegra brakes so i expect a good 140g savings, and a similar level of performance. 202g with pads, 172g without pads.

First impression is that they look and feel light, and are pretty cool with all the exposed bushings (very industrial). As the reviews warned, they will be a pain to keep looking clean, although good news is that i try to avoid damp/wet (but it happens). Will need to stock up on q-tips.

More good news is that they do not have the sharp metal lever designed to chip you frame on the drive side when the bars flip too far!

The yellowish bushings will grab attention, but I suppose if you have exotic brakes, they should stand out?!? They also look about as aero as my mavic r-sys slr wheelset (translation: light AF, but aero they are not, and i knew that before I got them).

Now time to install them and see how they work!

P.s. they are not part if the recall generation with the (drilled) faceplate failures.

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by 1415chris

I still have this model in use, for almost 6 years now, omg time flies.....
If you gonna use these pads, do yourself a favour and ditch this idea. They are awful. I mean there were good many years ago. But these days there are much better choices out there.

by Weenie

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by RocketRacing

Yeah, i swapped to pads that are supposed to eb used with the machined brake trac of my r-sys slr wheels. They are getting kind of oldschool also. Zero aero, but light.

Function was great. After the lbs installed the cables, i did some fine tuning. They are super easy to adjust. My rear did start rubbing part way through a 40k ride with some hard climbing. I repositioned it by hand which makes me think that things may need retorquing.

They certinally perform really well. Weight weenie weights, but top end performance.

And i 100% love the industrial look. They are converation pieces for sure.

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