Your 2019 favorite road bike model

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by hohnma

As you know lot of brands have release new bike models for 2019.
They are lof of changes for someone (specialized venge, bmc roacmachine, cannondale systemsix, look 795 blade rs ...)

I'm curious to know, which one do you prefer if you have to buy a new one now (maybe it's better to not include budget constraint on the answer) ? And why ?

Let me know !

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by VTR1000SP2

Fav is the Canyon Aeroad CF SL 7 because it's A LOT of bang for the buck: $2999 for a carbon aero frame that's proven itself as a top contender aerodynamically, carbon wheels, and a decent groupset with 105. How much the 2 piece bar and stem take away from the aerodynamic prowess remains to be seen but with the canyon cockpits that pop up on eBay, upgrading is also cost effective. That blue fade is also quite fetching.

Of the redesigns though, the Cervelo S3 Disc takes the cake for me. Likely the biggest gains from its predecessor (compared to all the newly released 2019 models from all makes) and decent livery at a decent price point.

If money were no object right now, I'd buy a Pinarello F10 Disc and sell the Izalco Max. N=1 goals and that F10 Disc wants for nothing.

by Weenie

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by asiantrick


Look 795 Blade RS - rim brake model ---straight fire homie

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by wheelsONfire

Tough choice. There are alot of interesting models, but then there is key factors. I mean if you have the chance to really go for what actually fits you best after your own morphology. Coolest bikes are aero bikes and disc brakes save your wheels from damage. However, for low weigt aero is out and so are disc brakes.
I would look at my current bike and change a few things for the bike to fit me as good as it gets.
With that said, i would go for a made to measure bike.
This way i can decide; stack and reach, geometry for chainstays and head tube angle pending on fork rake.
Slope of frame etc.
I don't like being forced to use a specific stem and seatpost as an example.
Spec: Sram Etap, BB 386 or T47. EE brakes (if rim) and RAR Exalt 40 wheels.
Haero H145 bar, THM Tibia stem, Bike ahead seatpost.
Selle San Marco Mantra carbon fx saddle.
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Ax Lightness Vial EVO Race (2018.12.21)
Paduano Racing Fidia (kind of shelved)
Open *UP* (2016.04.14)

Ex bike; Vial EVO D

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by mag

+1 for the Look 795 Blade RS. I don't like the aesthetics of their previous (recent) aero bikes, but this one...

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by hohnma

For me i really like the look 795 blade rs, seatpost position is very great (mostly for triathlete) and it look very nice.
For other brand model i like the internal routing of cable into the bar/stem. In this case my choice will be new venge which is aero and look very nice and is pretty light

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by reedplayer

i think there are very few interesting models left, ax vial evo, festka one road, sarto seta, duratec phantom. my favorite is argon 18 gallium pro , one of the very few current bikes i can bear. and cervelo p5 is interesting, with an uci-compliant fork (is there one?).
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by AJS914

If money was no object I'd get a Venge and a Colnago C64.

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by RussellS

Venge. Aero and sort of light at 15.5 pounds. Maybe shed another pound or two with super light aero wheels and stem, bar, saddle, rings. Its a simple rigid frame, unlike the heavier more complex suspension Trek. Not the best looking, but best overall performance. Aero is speed. Speed is the only important.

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by jlok

Madone SLR. Team White w/ huge red logo or one of the icon color scheme. Runner-up is 795 Blade RS.
Rikulau V9 DB Custom < BMC TM02 < Litespeed T1sl Disc < Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc 1 < Propel Adv < TCR Adv SL Disc < KTM Revelator Sky < CAAD 12 Disc < Domane S Disc < Alize < CAAD 10

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by spdntrxi

BMC TMR01 I dont care about the UCI rules.

going to order it on black friday..(no sales tax day)
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2019 BMC TM01 Road UCI config 7.36kg

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by TonyM

Pinarello Dogma

BMC Teammachine Road

Colnago C64

Spezialized Venge

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by TobinHatesYou

jlok wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:08 am
Madone SLR. Team White w/ huge red logo or one of the icon color scheme. Runner-up is 795 Blade RS.
Same, Madone SLR. It's aero, it's comfortable, the frameset is cheaper than the Venge frameset and it comes with crazy Project One Icon colors as an option.

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by HeluvaSkier

The new Basso Diamante

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by tabl10s

R5 and as WW as possible.
2015 Pinarello F8: 13.13lbs/5.915kg(w/Roval 64's).
2016 Rca: 11.07lbs/5.048kg.
2018 Rca.
2018 S-Works SL6 Ultralight: 12.03lbs.

by Weenie

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