lets play "Diagnose That Campy 10-Speed Rear Shifter Issue", with your host, Catagory6... YEAY!!!

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by Catagory6

This should be a relatively easy one for you wrenching-aces out there in Weight Weenie land.

lets start off with a little backstory:

A properly functioning Campagnolo 10-speed Centaur rear shifter's thumb lever started acting like a friction shifter one day. producing very sloppy shifts from larger, to smaller sprockets.
an issue Catagory6 was well familiar with. and no real surprise to any Campagnolo 10-speed user.
so, having attempted a repair/overhaul of the same issue in the past, with only moderate success, Catagory6 wisely dropped the bike off at a shop who claimed to have experience with such issues.
when he picked up the bike, the thumb shifter was working properly again. however, the finger shifter (behind the brake lever) now had a problem.
the lever would move the RD and chain into larger sprockets accurately. whether individually, or with a full, multi-sprocket sweep.
however, the finger shifter would only give a maximum of 2 clicks for a full sweep. and on the smaller sprockets, the lever might not even give any click at all. whether actuated individually, or successively.
sometimes, the 3 clicks could be produced if the finger lever was pulled backwards while shifting. but this was only sporadic. and nearly impossible to recreate.
the shop is now out of the picture. they claim that its operating properly. and C-6 believes he can solve the issue if he knows what to look for.
C-6 has already attempted a dismantling of the shifter from the rear with the aid of two following videos, but only got as far as the first flat spiral spring.


so, what do YOU think?
should "good enough" be left alone?
do you think you know what might be the issue?
do you need more information than what is presented?

by Weenie

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