Campagnolo 12 Speed Cassette

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by lowther

I currently have the Campy EPS v3 Super Record groupset (11 speed). Does anyone know if the following set-up will work:

- 12 speed super record cassette 11-32
- My current Super Record EPS v3 rear derailleur modified with a Ceramicspeed OSPW cage
- 12 speed chain

Need the additioonal low gears for the mountains (29 just won't do it at my age).


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by Ebruner

In a word. No.


by Weenie

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by mag

Current EPS V3 RD is officially limited to 29T sprockets (12-29T) however you may have success with the Shimano or SRAM 11-30T cassette (or perhaps even 11-32T if your RD hanger is longer). Still you'd do it at your own risk.
If you aren't already at compact chainrings that's the safer way to go.

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by joeyb1000

I’ve gotten the derailleur (w/o OSPW) to handle a 32, but it’s not great and I don’t think think you get enough chain to handle all the combinations. The length of your hanger is a factor. So you need to test it yourself.
I don’t expect any problem with the 12s chain and cassette, except that you will only be able to use 11 of the 12 sprockets.

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by jih

You won’t be able to shift 11 of the 12 cleanly since if distances between sprockets has been reduced to fit the extra one in.

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by Alexandrumarian

Get a centaur 11-32. It is a boat anchor but shifts as well as SR and its dirt cheap. If it doesn't work well at least you didnot spend a fortune.

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by Calnago

Are some of you not even reading the first sentence in the OP’s post?.... he’s asking about using a 12sp cassette with an 11sp EPS group. Whether or not the derailleur has the capacity to handle the 32 cog is irrelevant.
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by Alexandrumarian

I offered an alternative that might work...

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by Butcher

Calnago summed it up correctly.

I think anything can be done, but it would first start with someone that can hack the electronics and can code it to shift 12 gears.

by Weenie

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by Miller

I'm sure people read the OP's post perfectly well but wondered how he thought that EPS 11sp would manage to shift chain across a 12sp cassette and concluded that the actual want might be EPS with a 32 sprocket.

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