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by wilwil

One of the bottle cage mounts on my frame is so tight that I cant screw in by hand after a couple of turns. It also feels vey tight using a hex wrench. Should I just carry on tightening or take some other action? I have tried different bolts and some are better than others. The other three mounts in the frame are fine. The original bolts that came with the frame work ok but the heads are too deep on them so they rub on the bottle. I have tried cleaning the threads with acetone as well as using grease. Any ideas?

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by NiFTY

Use a steel bolt and try and use it to recut the thread. There may be stuff stuck in there(like a stripped alloy thread) This happened to me.
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by Weenie

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by HillClimbTom

Don’t mess about trying to wind anything in to the hole, it only going to end in tears and will be a lot more expensive to fix. Take the bike to your lbs or a local engineering shop and get them to run a tap down the thread. Job sorted!

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by ghisallo2003

Many bike shops are poor, and simply can not charge for the patience required to do a job properly.

If you are remotely comfortable mechanically, or have a team-mate who is (normally there is one guy who has exceptional skills) then it would be better to do this yourselves.

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by bremerradkurier

If you're in the US, this would be more than sufficient for chasing the threads.

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by Geoff

+1. I would also recommend using a proper tap to chase those threads. You don't want to mess them up.

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by Calnago

Yup, and be super careful about getting it started as it sounds like the first two or three threads may already be crossthreaded. Don’t want to crossthread the rest of them.
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by Weenie

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