Odds that we see disc brake only bikes go back to having rim offerings?

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by MoPho

Wookski wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:29 am

The first point was a sarcastic comment made directly after recounting a scenario where disc brakes would have been helpful. The second doesn’t require explaining as it is universally accepted that PG is a jackass.

This thread is so silly, hopefully it gets locked sooner rather than later.
Well your near crash comment fits the common false narrative that disc brakes are only useful in the wet. Your sarcasm didn't come across in the format, and nullified your first point, especially in a discussion where the anti disc crowd tends to attack and make similar insults towards those who are in favor of them. And last, what you think of PG doesn't change the legitimacy of the point. So can you not see why I interpreted the way I did?

And yes, the thread is silly just like all the other whiny crying about disc brake threads, but no one is forcing you to participate or buy disc brakes :wink:


by Weenie

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by jlok

No pls don't lock this epic comedy thread.
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by Beaver

MoPho wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:13 am
Again, they ride under different conditions than recreational riders, what they choose says nothing about the performance of disc brakes. When you don't need to brake much for the corners because the roads are closed, you don't need any of the benefits of better brakes. Watch the video of retired pro Phil Gaimon that was posted earlier
The conditions are comparable - there are crashes to avoid, team cars, spectators, animals, even barriers blow over by the wind and so on. They took rim brakes because they are lighter and brake performance is not that worse as marketing proclaims.
MoPho wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:13 am
I should be around 150.000km now, had three accidents, three times because of drunk people, not because of rim brakes. Actually there has never even been a dangerous situation because of the brakes... All you can do is make yourself visible, always take your lights with you. That's saver - not disc brakes.
That's like saying you've never been a car accident so you don't need ABS brakes.
Ok, now you compare a car with or without ABS to a bike with or without disc brakes? Does ABS make your car heavier, less aero or more complicated? Does your bike have four wheels which may run on two different surfaces at the same time?

Disc brakes on bikes are availiable for 20 years now, and just right now is the time to make road bike cycling finally safe?

Or is it just buying incentive after all?

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by Nefarious86

So basically this has become the same circle jerk as the 34543 other disc threads.

Let's leave it alone for a while hey.

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