Campagnolo seatpost head slipping

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by Master-Ti

I have a Campagnolo Record carbon seatpost that I am having problems with the head from slipping.

This is the model with a single bolt, and the carbon top cap, I believe the final model before discontinuing production. It was used with a Fizik Aliante carbon braided saddle, torqued to 5-6 Nm. It works fine on smooth roads, but if I hit rough roads, potholes or railway tracks, the head slips. Hopefully it's not due to my weight, as I weigh 68 kg.

Any suggestions on how I can prevent this slippage without increasing the torque and risking cracking the carbon rails on the saddle? Has anyone tried carbon paste? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

by Weenie

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by tommasini

The teeth are very fine. If some slippage has occurred then the post head and lower cradle may be toast.

That said maybe try flipping the lower cradle 180 degeees (front becomes the back) for a fresh bite amongst all those teeth plus I’d also go a bit heavy on the bolt torque.
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by Wingnut

I’ve never had a problem of slipping on that particular Campagnolo seatpost, and I’ve really wrenched it down tight! Possibly remove and clean it all, use some soft steel wool or coarse cloth then clean between the fine alloy teeth that mesh together on the head?

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