Lekki 8 Review

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by hannawald

Thanks. Still undecided:) they are similar price as eebrakes and lighter, but not sure if they work as well as Ee brakes.. all these light brakes are claimed as powerful enough and after a while people start saying that it is good but not perfect etc..Ee brakes has long track record and people agree that they work great..it seems they are now being tested by bikeradar..

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by pdlpsher1

Thanks for the reviews guys. I'm waiting for them to release a DM version.

by Weenie

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by Seedster

Given what he has done to his customers, I would not give Lekki a second look. I'd rather pay more for some other brand that doesn't swindle their customers

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by uraqt

They have made more than a good fath effort, to try and correct their past issues... also you can buy the brakes throught a quality bike shop here..

http://www.irishcycles.com/ax/index.php ... ca5ec01f3a


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by RocketRacing

the lekki 8’ look promicing.

just got a set of ee brakes used from 2012 era (yellow bushings). Not cheap, but saved a bundle over new options, and they weigh 202g w pads.

I did not wish to get older ciamillo stuff due to questionable braking, setup finickiness, and possible hassle if i needed spare parts.

Breaks are one of those life or death components... is a 169g pair of brakes really worth it Vs class leading braking with DA? So i went eeworks brakes which seem to be near DA in performance, and still saving 140g from my ultegra.

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by Zigmeister

dgasmd wrote:
Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:21 pm
I can’t seriously understand why someone that ripped off so many people, even admittedly, gets any air time here or anywhere using the excuse of “the economy wasn’t doing well and I over extended myself”!

I bought 2 sets of Zero Gravity (super crappy performance and terrible when it came to centering) and was mildly considering a set of Gravitas when tons of the complains started to surface. Very glad I didn’t order a set!!!
Might as well quote you, glad I never did order a set of these, mostly due to the issues I recall several years back about the wide rim issues, and no solution or concern at all to produce a set that would work with wider rims. So I stayed away. More of the same I see except now it can handle wide rims. I don't have direct mount, so not an issue, but surely my next frame will.

Will just stick with some Shimano's after I get anothe frame. My current set of lightweight brakes are OK and do good enough of a job for what I paid.

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by Wingnut

I’ve got two pairs of the original brakes and they work fine but then again I never had a problem setting up the old Campagnolo delta brakes...I’m considering these newer brakes but I’ll buy them from a store, not direct from the manufacturer...looking forward to some pics of these new brakes on some bikes.

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