Shipping a bike via third party?

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by matrix

Is anyone familiar of third party shipping services that can ship a region locked bike over to the USA?

I recall in years past that there was a number of people who did this for their Canyon bikes as Canyon at one point did not ship to the US.

The bike I am trying to get is an SWorks Tarmac Sl6 Frameset from Sigma Sports. They have stock (unlike the retailers in my area) on what I want and also at a lower cost. Unfortunately, they have an exclusive contract with Specialized to not ship over to the USA. I spoke with a customer service rep and he told me that there was a work around method using an intermediary.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

by Weenie

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by johnnyd

I have experience with few services like this, but not from uk to usa.

just google "shipping forwarder uk", and you will find many results.

I highly suggest you to do few things before ordering this frame:
1) read reviews on these companies, and find one with good reviews.
2) make sure they can ship this frame, size wise. some explicitly say they wont ship _complete_ bikes boxes.
3) this is the most important: order a small thing for a test using this forwarder - a tyre/tube/etc.
I had a very bad exprience with one service (country not relevant to your question), when trying to ship a frame.
the price they wanted was not as i expected from their "calcluator", and they didnt answer my emails...
in the end I asked them to return the frame back to the store.
4) so in addition to my prev, just send this service few questions, to see if they are responsive.
hope this helps.

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by matrix

Sounds good. Thanks for the advice!

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