Where do you go for bike reviews?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by wheelsONfire

I look for everything i can find. But i seldom find real criticism. Once an update or new model arrives, then the minuses appear.
It's difficult to get dealers or brands admitting a design flaw. Basically hear, you are the only one... (sure!)

The thing that's of interest would perhaps be, what happens if a frame crack without rider crashing.
Paint issues, seatpost and seatpost clamps that fail.
BB's not aligned.
A stem that won't clamp handlebar or leave marks on steerer tube and/ or handlebars.
Bars that crack when riding.
Constanly leaking disc calipers (we never encountered this before.. - sure!)
Wheels that have troublesome rims and/ or hubs etc etc

Test riding, well, you are lucky if you find a size that fit you.
I can't say i ever have had a test ride of a bike before it's mine.

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by Weenie

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by robeambro

As already mentioned, online reviews are just press releases or paid ads.
And sometimes even opinions on online forums by people who recently purchased a bike are rubbish. And the reason is simple: if you just paid several '000's on your new blingy bike, you WANT it to be nice and perfect. It's our brain, can't help it.

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by mattr

Manufacturers site for specs and geometry, here or other forums for fit and form, paint finish, weight etc.
That's it.

My opinion of the vast majority of the cycling press has been on the slide since i started actually dealing with them. A good proportion have virtually nothing worth saying and/or absolutely no idea about bikes or cycling.
Almost all the few who actually had an opinion worth noting seem to have left journalism and gone onto bigger and better things.
Equally, some of the very very worst have also managed to move onto bigger and better things. God knows how.

Seems to be the same in many areas of "review journalism".

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by vejnemojnen


with actual measured weight for frame-fork, wheels and actual measurements of headtube-bottom bracket stiffness AND compliance

because "feeling" is subjective.

ps: if you are browsing the mobile site, tick the box "desktop view", as the mobile-optimized version does not display the most important part of the articles: the table with the raw data...

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by prebsy

bikeradar for me as well. It's not going to help you decide between 2 great bikes but will help you avoid the duds.

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by ichobi

Frankly if I read a review am not looking for objectivity unless for things like measurement which we have Tour magazine for those thing. A good reviewer will clearly state his or her biases like the ones in cycling tips. I know their quirks so I know where they are coming from. Bikes these days are already very good with miniscule differences in ride feel. Some frames will have distinctive characteristics but not like you can't replicate with certain parts adjustment.

There are very few things that will go wrong that worth massive score reduction in a review. Most brands cannot afford to make terrible bicycle when the industry baseline is at such high level. See bikeradar's review of SpeedX which nets one star for example.

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by kgt

Experienced cyclists-friends that I trust, a few local manufacturers and LBS that I appreciate, independent blogs (like Hambini's and Luescher Teknik).
I never trust big companies. I only trust Tour.de or Roadbike.de for simple measurements (like stiffness).

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by WorkonSunday

cyclingtips for me. i found bikeradar is hit and miss. some of their Colnago frameset review turned into campy groupset review....
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