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by davidspen

This particular question comes with a lot of contradictory thoughts and views. Therefore, the following is an unbiased overview of what actually 2D gaming is and where it is seen in a couple of years ahead.

What is 2D gaming?

Welcome the best 2D game!

The term 2D stands for 2 Dimension. Thus, 2D games are the ones which can be seen through a single perspective on a two-dimensional plane. A clear example from your day to day life is a drawing. If you mark a line on a paper, it can be seen from a single view, thus it is a 2D drawing. We hope that the most popular card games will also be developed in 2D form.

Same happens in the games. When the game has a single plane area of playing, where you can see everything from a single angle only, it is termed to be 2D gaming.

There are a number of 2D online games which are available for the players to enjoy today. They started the trend of online gaming and are still popular amongst the players across the globe.

Brief Flashback of 2D gaming:

The 2D games, also termed as platform games have their roots in the early 1980s. The games of the early eighties and even one or two from late seventies gave a kick-start to the gaming world. It was after these games that the gaming and its excitement started becoming popular amongst the gamers. Space Panic, Donkey Kong, Frogs, Mario etc. are all the games which were which were the shining stars of the platform gaming era.

When developed, these games even started with the multiplayer options which intrigued the players even more. These games offered a single platform where the player could jump, run, grab coins etc. on a single and plane platform.

Further, the online browser versions of these games were introduced for the players to sit back at home on their PCs and enjoy the gaming free of cost. They were played using Flash players on the internet browsers.

Current Scenario of 2D online games:

One of the best scene

In the present scenario, the concept of 2D online gaming is still very much alive. May it be because of the nostalgic attachment with these games, or because of the simple and understandable user interface, but these games are still popular amongst the players and land under the most played browser games even today.

Most of the developments done to the 2D online games have been because of lash technology. Over the years, using Flash as the base, the developers keep adding more graphics and features to these 2D games. New and innovative storylines were introduced within the games and better layouts with vibrant displays were added to the 2D browser gaming. HTML5 is yet another popular source for high-end graphics online browser games for the players.

Despite the introduction of 3D games and numerous more technological developments, the charm and simplicity of the 2D online games have kept them alive. Developers are not giving up on introducing attractive and involving storylines and have been trying hard to add more spice to the mundane platform gaming. These games can be found in free game websites unblocked at Manti Games.

The overall growth and popularity of online games have definitely declined but they are still a very important and influential part of the gaming world.

Future of online 2D gaming:

What will happen to the new form of gaming?

With the advancement of technology, we are currently living in a world which sleeps and wakes up with the technological advancements. New and attractive features have been added to the gaming world. Not just the PC games but even the online browser games have taken a flip on the gaming styles.

Advanced 3D effects have been added to the browser games which make them even more entertaining and attractive. The developers have started to aim at making the gaming experience more realistic to embark an influential impact on the players which make them play even more.

Talking about the 2D online games and their future, there isn’t much scope of their survival in the long run. This is because the current 2D online traffic is more or less driven by the emotional attachment with the games of the generation of the 90s. Although many new and attractive 2D games have come up over the time, the fact is undeniable that they cannot beat the impact of 3D games in the long run.

But, there are certain features of 2D browser games which make them stand aloof from the rest of the games and hence drag in players to them. Some of these influential features are:

Simple and User-Friendly: 2D games have the most straight and easy to understand interface which attracts the players. You can easily relax and chill while playing a 2D game as you don’t have to think much of what is to be done and how.

Easy to load: The 2D online games are very easy to load on the browsers. You can simply click on the game link and that is all that needs to be done. There are no complex installation processes which are to be followed.

Free of cost: Browser 2D games are free of cost and just need a PC and a browser engine to get started with the playing. You don’t have to spend loads of money to buy a game when playing 2D games on the internet.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

These are a few features which are undeniably strong and influential factors which have kept 2D gaming alive over the years and might continue to do so. Feel free to play your favorite online free art games in 2D style.

Another aspect to the future of these online 2D games states that they won’t ever die. The reason being they are free of cost and they are the best games to start with when a person enters the gaming world. The technologically developed games have complex features and need a bit of practice and understanding to become playable.

Ending note:
To conclude the answer to the question about the future of online 2D games, it is more towards their decline than their progress. They might stay in the league for a couple of years more but keeping in mind the lifestyle, interests, and preferences of today’s generation, it won’t be long when they’ll become the long lost games.
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by Weenie

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by ScottinFL

If looking for the most comfortable aero bike with the latest features (integrated cockpit, disc brakes), then Madone SLR is a great choice. I went with the new Venge for the weight savings and may have given up some comfort, but it feels great to me.

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