XXX bottle cages

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by simurs4

I've been running a set of fake XXX cages for the last couple of years. Using Cambelbaks i've never come across bottles ejecting. One has even cracked through in a section, which you would think may loosen it's grip some what, but they have been safe as houses.

by Weenie

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by 73Bronco

My eBay XXXs showed up yesterday. One came in at 17 grams and one at 18. No packaging other than a plastic bag. Image

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by Robbyville

I must be incredibly fortunate, I’ve been running my same two (legit) XXX cages since 2013, with multiple bottle types from standard sized to large polar’s And camelbacks over a ton of terrain and gravel grinding and have yet to have any problems. Love these cages.

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by mcfarton

I tried them out on the trainer and they feel fine. I guess time will tell

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