Lowest volume road shoes for narrow, shallow feet wanted.

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by Nickldn

Sorry to resuscitate this old shoe and insole thread.

Got a new pair of Sidi Wire 2 in size 42, but to make them work well I need some insoles with better arch support.

I found some BONTRAGER INFORM BIODYNAMIC Insoles which will do the job, but they are 5 times the price compared to my usual insoles. Apparently they are cycling specific and increase pedalling efficiency.

Does anyone know if there is any substance in this claim, or are they just like any other insoles?
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by Weenie

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by Cleaner

I use the Bontrager insoles in some Lake shoes. They are better than many of the insoles that come with many cycling shoes. There is thought behind them and they are a legitimate product. They may or may not work for you but Bontrager offers a return period so you have nothing to lose but some time/hassle of a return if you do not like them.

Superfeet is involved with Trek for the insoles and Superfeet has been in the insole business for quite a while. I have many pairs of superfeet used in atheltic footwear and they are an improvement over most stock insoles.
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by dmp

try the performance thin insoles from Sole https://yoursole.com/us/mens/footbeds/performance-thin/. I use these in my running and hiking shoes, and they are great.

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by Nickldn

Thanks for your recommendations. Superfeet definitely seem like a good option in the UK.

I tried out the shoes today on a short and fast ride, the Sidi insoles are a awful, too hard and too flat. My power output was well down.

I've got a longer 50+mile ride tomorrow morning, so I've put in the Specialized insoles from my old shoes. Let's hope they work better.
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by Pato

You might want to take a look G8 2620, they have the option to customize arch support much better than most other insoles, both in position and height while still being low volume for cycling shoes.

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by Nickldn

Did my ride today, the old Specialized insoles were much much better - that is I can still feel my feet!

I have no idea why Sidi would ruin their products with such hard and inadequate insoles. It would cost them 5¢ to include nicer insoles.

So yes next week I will have a look at Superfeet and G8 2620, which look cool.
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by ipaul

I simply add a thin inexpensive dr. Scholls soft insole under my sidi insert and amazingly removes pain. Also takes care of some of the extra room. Tried many others but this works best for me and sidi as the sidi shoe altready has more arch support than other shoes so don't find the need for any more.

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by TobinHatesYou

Keep in mind, G8s cost nearly as much as fully custom footbeds.

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by ParisCarbon

Expensive.... but id say go with Custom Bonts.. my friend does casting , so I am kind of lucky
I went through Rocket 7s, sidi narrows.. all were still way too wide...the best thing I ever did for comfort and better pedalling/power transmission was the shoes.. don't know how much you ride, but I would never buy an off the shelf cycling shoe again in my life..

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by akaspin

My left foot have lower volume that right. So I'm using 2mm volume reducer in left shoe. Thinking about custom shoes. But can't find any manufacturers in europe.

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by Yoln

You can take a look at my review of the Mavic Cosmic Ultimates here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=160294&p=1604188&hi ... e#p1604188

Long story short, I have narrow feet (perfect for Fizik R1's) but slightly high arches, and those were way too flat for me, I imagine they would fit perfecty someone with narrow and flat feet. They look absolutely stunning in real life, and are one of the lightest and stiffest shoes you can find...
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