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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by dgasmd

fa63 wrote:I certainly wouldn't travel with a pair of Lightweights in the Orucase :-)
What good is it to have them if I can’t use them when I go to the terrain they are mostly
Intended for LOL......

by Weenie

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by dfischer1

Orucase user here. 10+ flights, all transatlantic with connections. Also sent by Swiss rail luggage service a couple times. No damage, no fees. Fits in a taxi/Uber every time.

Love it.

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by alex1987

I'd be quite nervous travelling with a soft case as others have mentiones, although I've seen many people do (evoc and the like). My experience is with BikeBoxAlan boxes and it's been very positive, feels like it would take an awful bashing to do any damage thanks to the middle pillar.

Admittedly it's not the lightest (but has wheels) nor the smallest thought, but while I've rented in the past I would consider buying one for myself. It fits in a Hackney carriage (of course) and in the back of a people carrier (ie 7 seater with the 3rd row of seats down), though I haven't tried stuffing it at the back fo my old Ford Focus - that might need a bit of shoving but I'd guess it would get in with the back seats down.

Not 100% on the their availability in the US but I've seen suspiciously similar cases branded differently around as well.

Probably not the direct advice you were looking for but hope my experience can be helpful in informing your choice!

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