Shimano 9100 pedal knock

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by OnTheRivet

I have been running multiple version of the Ultegra SPL for years just purchased some 9100 SpdSl's and set the tension halfway like on all my other pedals but oddly, while seated and ankling down high torque low cadence just the right side makes a knocking noise almost like the cleat is loose but it's not. turning up the release tension helps a little bit but then thay are near impossible to get into. Running yellowcleats like I have with the Ultegras. Tried the blues initially that came with them but my knees weren't happy. Any insight? Interesting that it seems to be just one side (drive)

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

What shoes are you using?
Some like Bonts have overly flat soles, and can curve the cleat as its fastened, so the "hooks" come closer together.
A thin shim slid between the 3 cleat bolts is normally enough to fix it.
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by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

Have you tried installing a new cleat and see if the noise goes away? The blue cleats almost feel like a fixed float cleat however my knees are still happy.

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by ipenguinking

I've been trying to find out the source of this knocking noise from my bike. I also ride a 9100 spd-sl but with blue cleats. However my tension setting is at minimum so that sounds like a possilbe cause. Let me play around the tension setting as well as trying different set of cleats. Btw my shoes are Sidi Kaos and cleats are propertly tightened last time I checked.

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by FIJIGabe

Check the pedal body to see if it is rocking. I had a similar issue with a set of XTR M9000 pedals, and it turned out to be a bad pedal. If you remove the pedal from the crank, check to see if the spindle moves in anything but the intended manner. If it does, send it back to Shimano.

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by dolophonic

As said above, check the spindle/ bearings. Had the same issue. Bearings spent.

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by OnTheRivet

Using Shimano S-Phyre shoes, pedals and cleats are practically brand new, went back to the ultegra pedals and the knock went away. Hmmm, going to inspect the D/S pedal suspect a mechanical issue.

by Weenie

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