EPS Cable rattle

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by ParisCarbon

Going to be tackling the wire routing of the EPS V3 on my Tarmac this weekend.. On my Di2 wires I usually used a ziptie and left the tail just to eliminate any potential rattle... I take it the same is acceptable with the EPS wires? Anyone have other solutions?

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by TonyM

That's what I did with my EPS on my C60 and it works like a charm. No rattle.

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by Calnago

Yeah, zip ties, split foam core, anything at all. A walk through the hardware store and you can find all kinds of things that you can try. There’s no secret to it. Bubble wrap on the junctions and connectors helps too, taped up loosely with blue painters tape. Blue painters tape versus electrical tape etc simply because it’s so easy to unwrap if you need to later. I know a guy who sells his own bike brand and foams in the battery (spray foam used for window installs etc) to the seatpost. There were reports from tour Down Under where batteries were actually overheating so I would rather leave the battery fairly ventilated, if possible. Have fun.
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by joeyb1000

Ratlle from downtube cable drove me crazy. Used surgical foam tubing from Ebay.

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