Colnago 2019 range disappointing finish and suitable alternative recommendations please!

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by kgt

V2-R is certainly not at the same level as the C64 which is painted in Italy. Made in Europe frames as the Cipollini Bond or the Basso Diamante are clearly much better.
The problem IMHO is that C64 is a step below C59 or C60 in quality. Even the fact that they went from 3k to (cheaper) UD finish is clearly a decision towards cheaper, lower quality manufacturing.
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by AJS914

mag wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:12 pm
Another option is Sarto for example, with them you can have fully custom geometry.
I personally have my eye on a Sarto. I've only seen a single one in the wild and the paint work on it was gorgeous.

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by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

I can confirm that sartos are lovely. So are looks.

Epoca should be good too.

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by nafaiutb

If European, not only Italian, is also an option then the Time I’ve got and others I’ve seen are beautifully finished.

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by kgt

IME the finish of TIMEs is excellent. Their manufacturing techniques are unique in the industry anyway. Then comes Cipollini and C59-C60. I guess Sarto is very good too, I 've never seen one up close. Look, Bottechia and Basso are also very good. Unfortunately the finish of the new C64 is not that great.
Among the Far East manufacturers (including US or European brands) the more expensive Giants are very, very good. Pinarellos are good too. At a distance follow Specialized, Cannondale and Trek. Trek is slightly better though.

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by tommasini

for made in Italy Carbon (tube to tube custom same as Sarto) dont overlook Tommasini VLC. beautiful execution of the carbon and paintwork. Not ultra light but i would compare to the C60/64 for solid yet cumfy attributes.

My daily rder VLC2 is pictured. The current model is VLC3 which has refinements to the cabling, carbon dropouts and dropped weight.
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by wheelsONfire

A pity almost all "made to measure" bikes are only round tube.
It would have been nice to see some shapes, other than round.

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by kgt

Cipollini MCM is made to measure and not even one round tube.


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by Visus They do custom geometry too

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by mriddle

In my opinion, Colnago finishes have been declining for years. I was considering Sarto but went with this.
This is my second Casati, they are wonderful to work with. Paint or as the say “varnish” is world class.

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by kgt

Beautiful Casati!

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by XCProMD

Ciöcc are worth having a look too.

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by c60rider

There's some really good calls on frames here and given me far more food for thought than I banked on :noidea:

Sarto looks pretty impressive, at a price, but to me it ticks every desirable box I can think of, I have a soft spot for Look but the Huez disc I saw at the cycle show didn't impress me that much in person. The Look blade they also had on display is typical French quirky in places, especially that strange extension for the rear rim brake version. I just imagine that snapping off on over-enthusiastic braking! The Time frame is another excellent option and the various Italian beauties, though I couldn't have the Cipollini name on anything I own, just means it's a tough decision. So much so I think I'll just have to wait. But Sarto is trying to scratch an itch I have :lol:

I'll elaborate on what my initial plan was with the V2-R and that was to create a disc brake bike for the winter but with a decent frame underneath with a view to possibly racing on that one next year. And for the winter I was intending to put mudguards on it! Yes I've said it mudguards on a Colnago, shoot me into space, send me to hell :unbelievable: :shock: :lol: But that was the plan. That's why I'm somewhat balking at the same plan with a Sarto I don't think I could do it. Temporary mudguards or even race on such a frame. I'd be putting the really simple velcro attached crud racer mk3 on but I'm hesitating for this winter now, I've run out of time and I'm going to squeeze them onto an existing bike I have. The V2-R I know were coming into stock in the UK at the end of this month so I could have got this ready in time but I'll have a think over the next few months what I do. I was going to downgrade all my SR bits from my C60 onto the winter bike and just buy H11 levers/brakes/Bora wheels then upgrade to 12 speed for the C60. Maybe I'll leave the C60 as it is and just build up a Sarto 12 in the new year money allowed and then buy a basic carbon disc frame that I don't mind crashing on and breaking and Chorus 11 on it to race just swapping the wheels between the Sarto and that. But that's just getting greedy perhaps, having a choice between a C60 and Sarto to ride I just wouldn't know which one to get my leg over. Plus should a Sarto have disc brakes on it?

Thank you so far for all the contributions. Any others please add them it will be a really useful thread to come back to when I think I've got it in mind what to do and need to be thrown into confusion again! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by mag

Speaking of immediate availability - can't you find any 2017/2018 V2-r anywhere nearby? They should be even selling them at discounted prices now. And they really have better paintjobs.

As for Sarto disc - they're very flexible and offer basically all their frames in disc brake variants, you can even often select the BB and few other things, but it's all built-to-order so you'll have to wait. As for aesthetical or philosophical aspect of having disc brakes on such frame - just select what you think is best for you and your intended use. If disc brakes fit your purpose then go for that. Personally I think that aesthetically they fit aero frames more...

@XCProMD That (Ciocc) is, sir, really something. Makes me want all of them! :-D

And that Casati looks lovely too. Just maybe a bit old school look for the OP?

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