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by Cannonbeans

Just joined WW and would really appreciate some advice:

I've ordered the Ultegra version of the 2019 Systemsix, should receive it about 4 weeks' time. Figured I didn't have to spend such a big buck for one step upwards just to get better wheels as I already have a disc zipp 454 nsw set which I am going to use on it. And the ultegra is already an upgrade from the 105 I currently have, so not too bothered about it, will upgrade to lighter components as they wear out.

Currently I am riding a Supersix women's which I intend to keep as my light(er) climbing bike, but since 95% of the roads in my country are flat, I think the Systemsix will be well suited for my use.

And also I want to use it for the occasional TT, don't want to buy a triathlon bike just for 3 or 4 tt's a year. Now my concerns are, the only clip-on aerobars which according to my internet research are compatible with the Vision Metron 4D Flat handlebars the ultegra systemsix comes stock with, are Vision's own clip-on's specifically designed for these flat 4D handlebars. BUT it seems like this clip-on aero system cannot be bought on its own, you can just buy the entire Vision Metron Flat 4d M.A.S which includes the handlebars. Got this confirmed by a Vision service advisor. It is quite costly and I don't need two handlebars, so I am looking for a way around this.

Looking for suggestions of different brand aero handlebars that are a) compatible with any 31.8mm clip-on aerobars, so I can use the ones I already have and that are b) available in 38cm width.

Which brings me to my next concern. Anyone can tell me/comment with link where I can find the true details of the components per size? I asked on Cannondale's website and was told that both the 47 and 51 (the latter is the size I have ordered) come with 38cm handlebars, 80mm stems and 165mm cranks. Sounds too good to be true in my case, as my 2016 supersix came out stock with 42cm handlebars which I had to replace, and a 100mm stem, which I also had to swop for a 60mm just to get remotely comfortable because I have apparently T-Rex like short arms & torso but ridiculously long legs, so at 169cm I cannot opt for a smaller bike size. Would be nice to know what I might need to budget for to replace once I have the bike.

Unfortunately the bike shops here cannot provide different sizes for testing etc, it is a case of do a lot of research on the available sizes and geometries, make your choice and hope for the best.

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by Weenie

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by robeambro

I've been thinking and needing the same. And luckily for you, I have a potential solution. The 3T Aeronova is compatible with clip-ons, as far as I can remember. There's many versions of it, and the cheapest carbon ones can be found around 220 euros online. Not too bad.

There's also other solutions but I can't remember the names anymore.

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by wingguy

I’ve just measured a stock 51cm SystemSix Ultegra and its 38 c2c bars, 90mm stem and 170 cranks.

I thought the clips could be bought separately, I’ll check later

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by mr2scott

I got a 51 womens systemsix aka the best color system six. It had 38cm bars, 165 cranks, 80mm stem. All which have been removed from the bike.

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by Knokkelhaug

You can buy tempobar as a separate item. Listed under triathlon- aerobars
I find the 4d handlebar very comfortable, so for me the original tempobar would be my 1. choice.
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by refthimos

47: 380MM; 51-54: 400MM; 56 & 58: 420MM; 60 & 62: 440MM

47: 80MM; 51: 90MM; 54- 58: 100MM; 60 & 62: 110MM

47: 165MM; 51-54: 170MM; 56-58: 172.5MM; 60-62: 175MM
EVO1 | 5.37kg
EVO3 | 6.51kg
SystemSix | 8.01kg
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by Cannonbeans

Knokkelhaug wrote:
Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:23 pm
You can buy tempobar as a separate item. Listed under triathlon- aerobars
I find the 4d handlebar very comfortable, so for meg the original tempobar would be my 1. choice.
Could you please share the link where one can buy it as a separate item? I checked at most online shops and couldn't find it anywhere as an item on its own, only as a complete set with the handlebars.

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by Cannonbeans

Knokkelhaug wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:43 am
Link to bars: ... pline=2072
If you need spacers & Garmin- mount: ... ron-4d-mas
Oh brilliant, solves many issues, as I was also hoping to be able to keep the stock 4d since the reach and depth are exactly what I want. Had been up and down the vision site a dozen of times in the past weeks, they must have added the MAS kit as a separate item very recently then in the few days that I haven't, I see it is also marked 'NEW'. Thanks a lot!

by Weenie

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