Decision: Stoemper Taylor or Stelbel SB/03

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by Jackal008

Looking for perspectives and decision points between these two steel race orientated frames. They are similar in price, use the same Columbus Life tubes, similar weight (~1600-1700g) but have different heritage, ie one is US built and the other Italian.

They aren’t full-on WW, but are pretty special in their own right. My heart is edging towards the US made Stoemper. They have an alternate ratbag presence versus the more conservative Italian Stelbel. Please offer your insights if you have ridden and/or owned either.


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by Jackal008

Oops, I should add that I’m considering rim brake in either frameset too.

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by Weenie

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by Nejmann

I really like the clean lines and awesome colorways the stelbel has. So clean.

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by hannawald

Visually prefer Stelbel too:)

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by ToffieBoi

I guess I would go Stelbel too. Their Instagram is kind of a porn for me...


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by morganb

I like the Stoemper, I almost got one but ended up settling on a Gunnar because my local shop is a dealer. If you wanted to get a little wilder on paint it would be a better option.

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by genzowakabayashi

Stelbel offers different paint scheme variables as well.

Totally depends on the customer's choice.


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by velov

Stelbel would would be my choice as well.

@genzowakabayashi: Do you have an idea of how much extra a paint scheme like that would be?

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by flying

I like both but with the
Selbel I do not like the SB/03 wild cable with external housing routing under BB

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by savechief

Standert Triebwerk?

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by Jackal008

savechief wrote:Standert Triebwerk?

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Thanks savechief and an interesting option. I made an enquiry and their frames are manufactured in Taiwan and aren’t able to vary geo or paint. I guess that’s what the extra $ for Stoemper or Stelbel allow for?
Good option though and thanks again!

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by kytyree

I don't know anything about what it is like to do business with Stelbel, and I have never done business with Stoemper either but like the looks of both operation's work. I have read things about the Stoemper customer experience, especially communication, that scared me away though. How valid those are I don't know...

Certainly make your own decision, but I've had good and bad experiences looking for frames like these. I'll always choose the company/individual I'm most comfortable working with.

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by dogrange

The Stelbel aesthetic is so well done, so that’s how I would go if you think they will ride the same.

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by hannawald

If you are open to new suggestions than i may suggest Tommasini bikes. I have been in their factory, they are fully custom, family run business and they will kindly show you how they work..great approach, nice steal and titanium bikes.

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by audioblazer

Didn’t own any of these bikes but was considering Sb03 before I opted for Pegoretti ( for the colour scheme 😄). Was told by 1 crazy cyclist who did 500km solo ride with SB03 in day . His cycles to work everyday & rides at least 200km per ride on sat AND Sunday . Did Wuling Mountain Taiwan KOM challenge ( 55km uphill& more than 10000 ft elevation gain ) & was podium winner on age category . So I think SB03 is probably an awesome bike . At least to him . Check out FB Kamarul Irwan

by Weenie

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