How to reduce skateboarding accidents?

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by tomriddle

Skateboarding is a hazardous sport, and there are also many dangerous incidents, but there is still a large number of people who are passionate and brave in doing so. Where is the reason? Only skateboarders can answer.

Many parents are anxious and do not want their children to participate in the sport because it is entirely new and contains many uncontrollable dangers. However, any sport can cause an accident if you are not adequately protected and learn ways to minimize accidents. Skateboarding is a thrilling sport, but the number of participants is pretty much and increases every day. Many personality girls, who want to express themselves, use a skateboard to express their feelings.
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Minimize injuries

Skateboarding accidents can be caused at different levels, but you can minimize these situations by learning safe grounding movements. First, before skateboarding, you must be sure that you have fully equipped safety equipment for your body, especially a helmet, never play without it.


You should choose helmets that fit your head, ensuring comfort when moving, without affecting your movements. Knee and elbow are also parts that need to be protected by you because this is the most exposed place when you have an accident. Use pads designed specifically for the knees and elbows, which are perfectly comfortable and help you exercise better. Let your parents feel secure that you are safe.
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Start learning and practice the skateboarding tricks you want.

Every famous skateboarder or skateboarder has his unique skills, you admire and want to learn them. However, you must thoroughly understand those tips before attempting to do so, because it is not as simple as you think. Even experts have difficulties and unforeseen accidents when practicing these procedures. Failure will help you succeed; we believe you will. But the prerequisite is that you have to work hard every day to master the movements, then the accident is also limited.

Adults need to pay attention to the ideas they give

Do you know that 50% of skateboarding accidents occur due to the influence of adult reviews, not the player's carelessness. They teach children the knowledge of skateboarding, how to use safety equipment and the most accurate way of landing, but then they do not give advice, this is dangerous carelessness, that cause accidents when skateboarding. Cases of players with broken bones headbang... occur more and more seriously. Adults should pay attention and be partly responsible, lead, and transmit safe messages to young people who have been playing skateboarding. However, false messages can cause a negative image of the sport.

Need a realistic assessment of sports

We can limit the accidents caused by skateboarding if we know how to train students, pass on the experiences and logical thinking. Parents often do not want their children to participate in extreme sports, especially skateboarding, when they see athletes show spectacular and extremely dangerous tricks. But parents should understand that to do these tricks, it takes the athletes many years of training and to go from the most straightforward skills. They also experienced accidents, but going above is a passion that has helped them grow and achieve success today. Please be assured; if your children are protected by protective gear, the accident rate can be minimized.

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by rexyi1990

Hi, mine is eTap with THM SE cranks w/ Carbon-TI chainring, the combo works fine for me

by Weenie

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by sungod

generically, the only thing to watch for is clearance between the limit screw and inside crank arm during the 'overshift' when changing to the big ring (if it occurs then just grind down the other end of the screw to shorten it)

since fitting etap in march 2016 i've used old sram red, praxis works, and current red yaw rings, all shift fine, zero chain drops
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by tabl10s

Have Classic with Quarbon's and no issues(haven't used my SE yet).
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by Johnny Rad

rexyi1990 wrote:
Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:45 pm
Hi, mine is eTap with THM SE cranks w/ Carbon-TI chainring, the combo works fine for me
Looking forward to matching your crank/ring set-up one day... :beerchug:

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by ride1970

Using THM SE with etap and praxis, works great. But will he changing to Carbon Ti at some point

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

My Etap setup after 2 months of working just fine destroyed a Carbon Ti outer ring - one of the teeth / carbon core joining pins was ripped out and subsequently the metal teeth part broke.

Clavicula SE with Extralite rings, on the other hand, on Etap have been working fine.
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