TRP Brake Calipers anyone?

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by avispa

For those of you that have TRP rim brake calipers, can you share your experience? would you recommend them over standard Campagnolo or Shimano brakes?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

I've only seen trp in special instances when designing a custom caliper for aero/tt/bottom bracket/behind fork/center pull.

Sworks shiv and other high end bikes come with special trp brakes, so they can't be that bad. Giant propel has trp too if I'm not mistaken.

I don't have personal experience though.

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by Mockenrue

Yes, I have the RG957s on my winter bike. Out of necessity because the frame (Kinesis TK3) requires long drop calipers which Campag don't make. They're very good quality and the performance is more than adequate although not on the level of the normal skeleton calipers on my other bikes (Chorus/Record/SR). Prior to the TRPs I had the non-series Shimano long drop brakes (R450?) and they were nowhere near as good and heavier, albeit cheaper.

I don't have any experience of other TRP brakes vs. Campag or Shimano.

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by liam7020

Long time user of TRP rim brakes R970 SL, R920 on the road and RevoX on my cross bikes. I can't fault them at all. The 920s are lighter and cheaper than either DA or SR whilst retaining superb stopping power. The 970s are fairly expensive but are very light but with no loss of braking quality, definitely a candidate for your Sunday best bike.
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by MisterMuncher

I use TRP R979 on my best bike. They replaced Ultegra 6800 calipers, as I was buying brakes for my TT bike anyway, they came up cheap so I switched around a little.

They're not quite as good as modern Shimano (9000 onward, and derived designs) in terms of bite and efficiency, but they work well enough once set up properly. The sliding QR system is ok as a weight weenie measure, but wider rims can leave it a bit poorly seated. I haven't entirely determined why this is, but the cable adjuster is noticeably less well seated when the brakes were set up for HED Ardennes vs some old Planet X tubs. Maybe I've missed something. Lever feel, feedback, noise all absolutely grand.

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by Marin

RG957 here, they're awesome.

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by shoemakerpom2010

I use TRP R979EQ on a daily basis with my older 7900 group. For me they are set and forget with SwissStop BXP Blue pads on standard rims. As far as modulation with campy they state they work but not sure with the latest groups.....

by Weenie

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