Speedplay pedal wear question

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by JerryLook

I recently bought a pair of used Speedplay zero chromoly pedals from that auction site. Advertised in excellent condition, but not many pics.

The plan was to get a cheap pair, replace the spindles, bow ties, and screws with Ti units, and have a cheap, light pair of pedals. I was counting on the bearings being ok, as well as the bodies.

On this pair the right side pedal looks to be in good shape. The left side has a lot of wear on the body towards the inside. So much so they the retaining ring for the needle bearing is starting to poke through the body. Also the O-ring is missing. This pedal also has some slight play to it.

My question is, will this be ok to rebuild, or am I going to have problems with this pedal in the near future because of the ring poking through. Like, should it get a new body? If that’s the case, I will look for another pair of pedals to mod.

First is the worn pedal. Second is the good one.
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by Nixster

I wouldn't be spending any money refurbishing those personally.
Hopefully the seller accepts returns!

by Weenie

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by TMI

I agree about sending those pedals back, if possible. I have maintained my X1 pedals for several years, and have used Danco #6 O-rings from Home Depot for replacements when needed. I can also recommend the UK seller on "that auction site" for replacement bearings. My set has been good for thousands of miles.

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by pdlpsher1

Return these and get yourself a pair of Shimano SPD-SL pedals. No maintenance is needed on the pedals other than new cleats. New cleats cost $11.50 a pair vs. Speedplay's $40 a pair.

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by centhar

There's many, many reasons some of us use Speedplays over Shimano's SPD-SLs... One one them is the tunability. Every little part is replaceable with lighter counterparts readily available.

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by JerryLook

I figured they might be shot because of the one worn body. How does that even happen, poor foot position?

With all the aftermarket parts available for Speedplay, it sucks no one offers new bodies for them from China or Taiwan. You could build a set with all new Ti parts, and put them together with aftermarket bodies.

I’m not interested in Shimano pedals. Most of them are heavier than what I have now. Like what was mentioned above, I like the fact that I can tune Speedplays down to 13x grams for the pair.
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by sungod

i've used speedplay zero for many years, never seen wear like that

you can get speedplay's body rebuild kits, but there can be little cost difference vs. simply buying new pedals, really depends if you can find a deal

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by TarugoKing

Try to rebuild it (except for the body) if you can't return it.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Entire-Sealed- ... 1577364482

Body rebuild kits cost around $100.

https://www.excelsports.com/main.asp?pa ... L8EALw_wcB

if you want to replace just the o-ring, you can buy below.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NY ... UTF8&psc=1

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by JerryLook

The seller agreed to take the pedals back for a refund. I shipped them out this morning.

I have my eye on another pair. These are Zero track specials. I assume I can use the same J&L Ti bowties and spindles on the those as well.
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by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

I have been using the Zeros for many years now and I also get the same kind of wear on the left pedal which I think is caused by my hip issues. The knee goes in and out at the top of the stroke as well or because of my hip not sure but after a couple years the body wears away at the O-ring and then the grease oozes out. I found a good deal on Zero chrome moly and replaced the spindle with my Ti spindles. I was thinking about purchasing the Pave as the body is stainless but for the price of those I can buy three or four Zero chrome for the next 10 years. So once the O rings are exposed and the grease oozes out they are pretty much toast.
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