Old Dura Ace hub compatibility?

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by wilwil

Is it possible to buy a new Shimano 11sp freehub body and fit it to a old 10 speed FH7900 Dura ace hub?

by Weenie

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by mattr

Nope, i spent a while looking into this and couldn't find anything that didn't require bodging. So my 7900 hubs will be remaining on a 9 speed bike. I bought new 9000 hubs for the 11 speed bike.

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by ultimobici

Only way is to use an Edco cassette.

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by MoreRideTime

Or you can use the 11-34 Shimano road cassette. That one is designed to fit onto 8/9/10 speed freehubs.

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by kman

Or you can run 10 of 11 cogs from an 11s cassette. Yes, you lose a gear but at least it can keep it in use.
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by jorisee01

Or you can modify the existing hub to fit 11 speed. How to can be found on this forum.

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by Weenie

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