Travel with EPS bike - seatpost mounted battery

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by ParisCarbon

Another question regarding the EPS install..
I travel a few times a year with my bike, and my travel case requires removal of the seatpost...
With the way the battery is with EPS (wires all leading from the battery) what is the most adviseable way to do this setup...
Is the water bottle mount best, or run the extension kit from the battery leads for the length to pull the battery and disconnect if needed?


by Weenie

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by Miller

If you mount the battery internally against the seat tube water bottle mounts, then there is no issue with removing the seatpost.

If you must have a seatpost-mounted battery, can't that be arranged such that the battery can be extracted from the post when necessary?

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by scb

I travel with my bike with EPS v3 seat post mount several times a year. When I take off the seat post I just make sure that the power unit/battery is not pulled out. I've had to push it down several times/

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by avispa

It all comes down to what type of attachment you are using to hold your battery and the size of the frame...

Pinarello makes a nice metal battery holder that is very easy to remove if you want to remove the battery from the seat post.

Also the rubber campy seat post is easy to "unplug" from the seat post shall you need to remove it from the frame.

My bikes are small (48cm) and I am forced to jam the battery deep into the seat post. But I can easily remove the battery from the seat post and hold the battery with a cloth or something temporary on the frame, while it's on the traveling case.... I am not a fan of the water bottle boss mount for these batteries as one has to check often that the battery and cage are secured well....

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