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by mrcarbonfibre

I am currently riding a Colnago prestige cyclocross frame as my 'do everything' bike but would love to get a bit lower on the front. Geometry on paper looks very similar to the v2r so was wondering how a road disc fork would fit on the frame? Anyone had any past experience with this kind of conversion?
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by Weenie

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by ultimobici

I wouldn't recommend it. The frame is built with a particular fork length in mind. Swaping it out for a road fork that will be shorter will not only increase the head angle it will also steepen the seat angle messing up your fit. If you need to get lower look to changing the stem to a more aggressive one than you have now as well as removing the spacers. Much cheaper and doesnt screw up the seating position.

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by mattr

Just to put some numbers around that.
A road fork will typically be 35-40mm shorter axle to crown than a cx fork. Which will sharpen up your head and seat tube angles by about 1.5-2 degrees.
You'll extend your reach 20 or so mm as well as getting that bit lower. The fork offset well be all wrong for the frame too. It'll handle like shit.

Just get a stem with more drop.

This is exactly the process we went through for a customer after he brought me a road fork, brake caliper and wheel to fit to his CX bike.

Amazingly the fork actually fitted the frame, such was a good start. Was an expensive experiment (for him, not me) 300 quid wasted.

Could have achieved the same thing with a 40 quid stem.

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