What aero helmet should I buy?

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by 1415chris

Js2 wrote:
Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:20 pm
1415chris wrote:
Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:43 pm
Since Kask Utopia is alredy in the shops, I was wondering if somebody has managed to get one and could share a few words on its fit and suspension system.
I have Infinity and Protone as the reference point.
I'm currently using one, fit is same with the Protone. Feels a bit quieter than the Protone at speed, suspension retention and strap is the same with protone. Hope this helps! :beerchug:
Very much so, Sir :beerchug:
Limar is looking good, but for me its a bit unknown territory. Knowing what to expect from Kask, perfect fit, very good suspension system and quality retention strap, probably I will stay with their offering. Thanks anyway.

by Weenie

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by icantaffordcycling

The BMC boys (rip BMC) only wore the vanquish on shorter flatter stages from what I remember. The Vanquish is probably too hot for daily use.

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by jlok

sorry to resurrect this thread, but how's everyone doing with the POC Ventral?
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by 07stuntin6r

Ill put my thoughts as I just ordered a POC Ventral air Spin

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by robeambro

Hi guys,

is there any new aero helmet on the horizon for this year? To be honest I'm not quite happy with the looks of many current ones (and/or they don't match my oval head).
I don't mind waiting a little bit, but I assume any new launch would be happening in the next few months if at all.

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by Nickldn

I am interested in an aero helmet for cooler days. Has anyone actually seen any speed gains from wearing one?
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by JoO

Whatever you buy get one with mips or comparable tech.

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by Stueys

Nickldn wrote:
Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:53 pm
I am interested in an aero helmet for cooler days. Has anyone actually seen any speed gains from wearing one?
Spesh S-Works Evade is pretty good for cooler days, it has noticablely less cooling than my previous Kask Protone but still vents well. Would echo the comment above about buying a helmet with slip plane tech in, most of the science shows it's safer.

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by AJS914

Nickldn wrote:
Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:53 pm
Has anyone actually seen any speed gains from wearing one?
I'm not sure one can see/feel 5-10 watts.

BTW, I have a Ballista MIPS that I like.

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by BagelMaster

I've been hopeful to get a Lazer Century Mips. I like the flexibility of the aero cover and the ability to remove it and the light if it proves to be hot and heavy.

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by dcorn

I recently picked up an Evade II after wearing a Prevail I/II for years. I just rode it on a 90+ degree day for a quick ride and didn't seem to have a problem with not cooling enough. I wouldn't wear it on a long climb or anything, but keeping up speed, it provides plenty of cooling.

As for speed gains, who knows haha. I got it for races mainly, so I'm hoping every little bit helps!

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by Butcher

I just picked up a Evade II also. Replaced my worn out Giro Ionos, seems to be fine in everyway. It's never really that hot around here. The hottest was about 80F so far.

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