Why is my Focus Izalco Max Disc so heavy?

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by Marin

"Why is my bike so heavy?" -> Where is the list with all parts & weights?

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by asiantrick

Light and disc bike tend to not go hand in hand, unless you want to shelve out a bunch of money all carbon parts.

by Weenie

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by rexyi1990

the wheelset, the groupset are all heavy

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by WheelNut

Klaster_1 wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:20 am
alcatraz wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:12 am
Where did I see 500+ gr for hydraulic shifters? Maybe ultegra non-di2 hydraulic? I forgot...
All non-series Shimano hydro shifters are over 500g, including ST-RS685 (~646g) and ST-R785 (~510g).
Squashednuts wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:23 am
Sorry @Klaster_1...should have linked your bike...it's one of the lightest disk bikes on here
At least, some recognition :D
Woah! No wonder I was so shocked when I removed my RS-685 levers for the first time. I didn't put them on scale, but I thought "Wow! These are so heavy- why?? Hmmm...cast aluminum bodies..." Interesting to know how much weight these shifters are adding.

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by alcatraz

Ultegra r8070 di2 hrd levers 360gr/pair

Ultegra r8020 mechanical hrd levers 554gr/pair

Duraace r9120 mechanical hrd levers 538gr/pair

Duraace r9170 di2 hrd levers 320gr/pair

It's ridiculous that the shifting mechanism weighs 200gr over electric. On Sram red it's 20gr. :lol:

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by angrylegs

MechMitch wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:00 am
Just got my new Izalco max disc with ultegra di2. It is all stock apart from Pro Vibe Alloy Bars, Pro Team Bartape and Pirelli Pzeros. My scales say 8.1kg but surely that isn’t right for one of the lightest disc brake frames in the world.
That's why.

You can shave some weight by significantly upgrading the wheels, a little bit by switching to TIME or Speedplay pedals, and a little bit more by going to a full carbon cockpit. There's some further small savings to be had by going to carbon cages and Ti fixtures. Finally, the obvious, you could also go up to DA Di2 or SRAM Red.

Try making an Excel sheet carefully listing out your entire build, including cables, headset and everything, and try to get that total to show what you actually weight the bike as. Then in a column next to that, play with swapping out various things so you can see what it does to the weight per the cost of said upgrade. I do that quite often when faced with these kinds of things - or - when fantasizing lol.

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