Caad9 which year? Worth to build up? Need advsie

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by Bluechip

I forgot to mention in my post above that it is a great bike and because so I have no plans to upgrade to a newer road race type bike. An aero bike, gravel bike, recumbent, penny farthing maybe, but not a standard road bike. It's that good.

by Weenie

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by kman

Rascal wrote:
Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:09 pm
I’m still running my CAAD5 7UP Team frame (2003?). 16.5lbs as seen here without serious focus on being WW... Looked into the year built, its a 2002 ... /7up.shtml
I bought it new as a frame as I was a team member of the amateur division of 7UP Nutrafig.
That is 10/10 for cool.
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