Foam padding on Fizik Antares R1 and R3 saddles

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by BiaNeutron


I have a Fizik Antares R3 fitted to one of my bikes. Had a bunch of saddles over the years but this one was fitted a couple of months ago and so far it is working out well. I'd like to purchase the same for another bike and am looking at maybe the R1 with carbon rails. Does anyone have experience with both these models and could comment on whether or not they have the same level of foam padding? The R3 is good so not wanting less padding this time round.

Thanks in advance.

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by Jugi

I have both, a R3 on my cyclocross and a R1 on my road bike. Based on my highly scientific pressing with a thumb -test, I concluded the padding is very similar.

by Weenie

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by Mockenrue

I don't use the Antares but I have R1 and R3 Ariones on a number of my bikes and yes the padding appears to be the same. The '00' version definitely has less.

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by boots2000

I preferred the R1 Antares- I thiught the shell might be stiffer.

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by BiaNeutron

Based on everyone's comments so far, it seems they are similar. I've gone ahead and ordered an R1. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

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