Post crash Di2 problems

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by micky

Last sunday I had a bad crash and now Im trying to sort out what's working and what's not in my 9070 groupset.
Left shifter and front derailleur are working perfectly.
Right shifter had the brake lever "outside" of the hood and I pushed it in place with the rest of the buttons but the buttons don't have the usual "feeling" when pushing them.
Rear derailleur doesn't doesn't seems to be alive, but not sure if it's a shifter problem or the rear derailleur itself.

Can I take it off and connect it to the cable of the FD and see if it moves?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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by MayhemSWE

micky wrote:
Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:38 am
Can I take it off and connect it to the cable of the FD and see if it moves?
How the components communicate have nothing to do with which particular cable is put into which particular component.

The rear derailleur might be stuck in crash protection mode. Try to initiate crash recovery and see if that helps things. ... very-mode/

Also connect the system to your computer and try the diagnostics section in Shimano's E-Tube Project software.

by Weenie

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by kode54

yeah. unplug battery and plug back in to reboot. could be crash protection.

or, could be that a wire pulled out and not completely engaged.
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