Pro Compact bars - PLT vs Vibe

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by BdaGhisallo

Does anyone have experience with both variants of Pro's compact bars? I know that the Vibe bars carry the center section's 31.8mm diameter through the full width of the tops and that the PLT bars are normal sized across the tops, but what are the ramps to the hooks like? I have a Vibe bar and the tops are relatively narrow as the bar makes a long gentle curve to get out to the hoods area of the curve. Do the PLT bars have that same sweep or are they a little wider on the tops with a tighter and more abrupt transition to the hooks?

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by naylor343

Cannot compare with the vibe bar. I do have a loose set of PLT compact sat in the garage, 2 sets on bikes with 6870 and older style STIs, plus I have the PLT compact ergo (aero flat tops) on another bike. If you would like some photos of the bends let me know

by Weenie

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