Colnago C64 seatpost color issues Seatpost isnt same white as frame (help needed)

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

A pal rides a white on black C60. During our last ride together, I paid attention to the white seatpost and white seatpost / toptube / downtube triangle. He’s got the same subtle non-matching issue as you’ve described, but I wouldn’t have ever noticed it if it weren’t for your post here. Good luck!

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by Lafolie

I have noticed quite a few paint issues with the C64. They look rushed and in some cases, over spray :-(

by Weenie

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by singletracknick

Not any help to you but I had a Colnago warrentied and the frame and fork were different reds along with different fonts. After 5 months of trying to get this and other issues (a significantly misaligned frame) gave up and got a refund.

Colnago have appaling qc and customer service. I would avoid them for a more reputable brand.

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by PSM

My M10 has issues too. Colnago are a bit arrogant when it comes to paint skill. :(

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by Italia

C-64 (2 of 5).jpg
Imho you need a very discerning eye to see the difference. Especially in the sunshine! Overall I've been thrilled with the quality of paint, fit and finish. Then again maybe I got an early model ( received early this year). Regardless once your on your ride I'm sure your mind will transcend to the other true qualities of why you bought it in the first place! I haven't looked back!

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by kman

This sounds totally unacceptable to me - even if you're being "fussy", I think you have a right to be when purchasing such a premium product. Mismatched paint is a total joke. Pathetic that they would even consider it acceptable to sell frames like this.
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by sp3000

I thought the whole point of putting up with a heavier frame from Colnago was for the "beatuiful paint'... I wouldn't accept that on a frame that they charge so much for given the paint is a major selling point for them. Imagine buying a car with a slightly off colour on one panel!

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