max cassette SR 2016 rear mech

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by Timujin

Hi guys,

i would like either go 32T, 34T on a shimano cassette (have a spare pair of wheels) but i ride 39/53 upfront..

this is temprorary measure as im recoving back and dont want to drop another £500 on a quarq just ride compact for a few months..

has anyone done the above??

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by ultimobici

If you mean Super Record, it’s 29t. You may get away with 32 if the drop of the mech hanger is at the top of the range Campagnolo suggest but it’s likely that the top jockey wheel will foul the 32

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by Weenie

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by blaugrana

With a Chorus 2015 (short cage) I have tried a 32t cassette and it worked fine, except for the fact that I couldn't use the big big combination (I could probably have used a slightly longer chain and still be fine on the small-small combinations, but it was only for ocasional use and I didn't bother). This was on a compact 50-34 chainset, so it will probably be less of an issue with a 53-39, since the size difference between the chainrings is smaller.

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by bm0p700f

11-32T only works with single ring. with a 53/39 there is no chain tension in 11-12-13T cogs if you can use Big-big.

With single ring you can get the top jockey wheel to clear the 32T cog but shifting will be slower at the other end of the cassette because the jockey wheel is now too far away.

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by kwakekeham

There is a 2018 Record 11 medium cage (RD18-RE1M) listed as Hydraulically optomized (HO). As far as I know this replaced the old ones. I don't know what they did but geo looks similar with a medium cage and officially allows 32. So if you had access to a longer cage you'd probably get away with 32 without much impact because the derailleur capacity could handle it. As mentioned with short you run into either fouling or chain too short issues.

I try and stay out of peoples subjective "works perfect" though because for some "perfect" is poor for others but medium cage could get you to the 32. However tracking down that part might not be worth it. And a wolflink might be another option, but I'd perfect the longer cage unless you needed the 34.

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