De Rosa protos pre-2017 stack height, and replacement frame

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by Catagory6

I can't find this measurement anywhere
All of the geometry charts have minimal info at best
Looking for a size 52.1

Also, I really have to say, I was not super-impressed with the final build weight.
I didn't weigh the bare frame, but with very similar parts attached, its 1 lb heavier than my 2007 Look 585 (1100g bare frame. 295 cut fork)
Although it does sprint better, and even being 1 lb heavier, I think it might climb better as well.
Probably due to its outrageous stiffness.
Another thing, looking inside the BB area, through the cable guide compartment is also shockingly disappointing.
I think I know why the protos is 1 lb heavier.
Looks like a toddler slathered and splattered paper mache all over in side.
Another thing is, I despise internal cable routing.
This bike takes at least twice as long to re-cable as the 585

I'm also quite suspect of fancy, convoluted tube shapes on carbon frames. Just seems to me there's more opportunity for things to go wrong, and unnecessarily add weight

The reason I'm looking for stack height is because 've got a crazy deal on a 2017 Izalco max 52cm-small, which on paper looks to be my size, but I've been hearing that these frames are very low. Not to mention a measured weight of 720g for a size large.

I really love the flashy name on the down tube, and it does fit me like a custom-made suit

The obvious question would be: why not replace that 12 year old 585?
If you think the protos sprints and climbs better, despite being 1lbs heavier...

Well, the 585, I guess has serious sentimental attachment. I get butterflies in my stomach looking at that thing

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Posts: 494
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by Catagory6

maybe what i'll do is transfer the parts from the 585 to the Izalco, and ride the Protos and izalco back-to-back, with the same wheels
i think that should give me a pretty good

but damn, i would really feel guilty kicking either of those 2 bikes to the curb. The look is just so damn classically sexy.

by Weenie

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