Who's using 2014+ Campy?

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by jzinckgra

So I bought a brand new Record groupset off a guy back in April. He said he got it while in Italy and said it was a 2015 set. I've ridden with it now for 1700miles and the shifting has degraded. Typical adjustments have been done to account for cable stretching and what not, but performance is not that great. Skipping gears, noisy in middle cogs, etc. Little did I know that Campy since 2014 is stamping a letter on the components to ensure that more recent components aren't mixed with older stuff.

When I look on my cranks and rear derailleur I see the letter "A". According to Campy there should be one on the inside of the shifter hoods. I see none, which leads me to believe the shifters are pre-2014.Can anyone confirm on their shifters whether a letter is stamped and that it matches the other components? Interestingly, I don't see a stamp on my front derailleur either.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

If you had 2014 shifters with 2015 derailleurs it would have never worked well. You are saying that it degraded so I assume that means that at one time everything worked perfectly?

Newer 2015+ shifters look like this:

Older 11 speed shifters have hoods that look like this:


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by Calnago

It’s 2015 that’s the changeover year. But for the levers, the hoods are a harder (and dotted texture) rubber as shown in the pic above. Also, if you look underneath the left lever and up inside (you don’t have to take it off) there will be a metal bar going across which is a stop when when you depress the button. It prevents the throw from going all the way over and thus virtually eliminates chaindrop on the inside when shifting from big to small ring.
The front derailleur is easy to spot immediately due to the longer arm that the cable attaches to.
Also, 2015 and later mechanical setups should have an inline cable tension adjuster installed in the front derailleur cable housing up front, unless your frame has cable tensioners built into it somewhere. If you don’t have a front derailleur cable tensioner installed it can make dialing in your front shifting quite frustrating.
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