Workswell WCB-R-166(D) and Tuffcycle wheels

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by Teun

Please find attached some pictures of my new build. It is actually my first "Chinese" bicycle, even though I have been riding and racing bikes for 34 years now. Before I have always been lucky enough to ride major brands and often custom made/tailored. So I had no previous experiences and I must admit I was pretty nervous after hearing all of the stories about bad bikes and bad service. One remark beforehand: I WAS WRONG! In short: communication with the ladies at Workswell and Tuffcycles was (and still is) great, service has been exemplary, focus on quality very high. One issue was resolved under warranty but this is just something that can happen - and honestly Workswell could not have done a better job in handling it. I wish the major brands were this service-friendly. But maybe that is just me...
Some critical points though: the grommets were not able to take di2 cables as they came. I used a small saw to cut a slot in them to mount them and had no problems. Also guiding the cables through the handlebar takes some patience and thought - Think before you put yours in!

As for the wheels: tuffcycle are a young brand and they were actually the reason why I started this build. I was sceptical about their claims that they built wheels that can compare to the high-end stuff from A brands, but honestly these wheels are just that: perfect ride, lightweight and especially strong. So much even that I joined their family (yes I am biased :lol: :D ) Here no gripes either, and thankyou to Jasmine for recommending their "own" hubs over the 240S'es - these are wonderfully smooth and will most likey last a lifetime before anything happens to them.

frame + Fork: Workswell WCB-R-166(D) => 56 cm. 1456 grams on scale
Stem: Workswell carbon WSC-005 => 8 degrees, 120mm. 265 grams on scale
Handlebars: Workswell WHB-017 44cm. => sizes up like a 42.5, so choose one wider than you are used to. 228 grams on scale.
Groupset: Shimano R8070 => weight: strong mostly, choose Dura Ace for lightweight. 3900 grams on scale including smaller parts like bottleholder, saddle bag etc.
Wheelset: Tuffcycle Disc w. 25mm Continental GP4000SII tires => 45/45mm, Simplus hubs, 1496 grams on scale w. rim tape installed.

Total weight on the road 7,61 kilos.
If you want any more pics or information (especially regarding the wheels :wink: ) just let me know,
Enjoy the pictures!
Wheels arrived first
Out of the box
Build part 1: dialling in seating position
Crack in the bar: picture sent to Stephie, She started up root cause analysis and sent a replacement one.
Result: one cool bike in Switzerland :-)

by Weenie

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by Sammyc

Hi, I've just ordered one of these frames, how do you find it to ride? How was the build? I haven't been able to work out from pictures how the seat post is clamped, is it obvious?

What are the handlebars like, stiff of flexy?

Any more photos? :)

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by BigPoser

Looks great! I don't see that model on the Workswell website though.

Have a link?

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by Sammyc

It's not on their website yet, but if you look in their Facebook feed you can see it. I'm not sure how to link to Facebook posts!

It's very similar in geometry to the Yeoleo R6 by the looks of the charts

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