Help me be neurotic! (Looking for headset spacers)

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by CraigKnobovitch

So I'm getting ready to take delivery of my new frame in a few weeks (Orbea Orca OMR 19). I'm trying to make everything as perfect as possible (because why not). I want my headset spacers' outer diameter to be the same as that of my stem (for a flush look).

I going to be using an FSA OS-99 CSI stem. Based on my psudoscience so far (found an SL-K stem, slapped it onto a random fork and tested a bunch of random carbon spacers laying around my shop (where I work). Then based on which ones that fit best (most flush), measure the outside diameter and compare to that of the stem) I think I'm going to need spacers with an outside diameter of 34.5mm or 35mm.

Yes this is completely ridiculous but hey, I'm building a hyperbike and Orbea are going to want pictures of the finished build.

If you have any suggestions for me of what kind of spacers or where I could find them that'd be amazing, also if possible a headset dust seal with an upper diameter to match and also be flush (also preferable as short as possible) and a top cap of the same outer diameter to match. Yes I'm being completely crazy I know.

Basically looking for the following:

Headset spacers with an outer diameter of 34.5mm or 35mm

Top cap with same outer diameter of 34.5mm or 35mm

headset dust cap with same diameter to flow with the spacers.

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by sychen

lol.. my tarmac comes with this issue, been holding off my OCD and i think your tread may have just aggravated it.

2mm spacer on top of is wider than the stem..not much but overhangs enough.

I said to myself if I dont measure it with a caliper.. i can't know what to look for to replace it with.

MUST NOT MEASURE.........grrrrr

by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

Deda offer some spacers, but these are made to be positioned under headset dustcap instead of over.
Question is if they match your headset top cap diameter!?

BTW, measured my Tune spacers and they are 34.5-35mm externally

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by AJS914

Ritchey carbon spacers are nice and slim and fit nicely.


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