Fsa,cannondale,sram 30mm crank spindles compatibility?

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by alcatraz

Hi WWs

Like the topic suggests, has anyone been able to run a cannondale spindle on fsa/sram cranks? It seems to fit fine. I just loosely eyeballed the fit of a sram red right side crank on a sisl spindle. Threads all fit.

So I've run into kind of a snag. I recently got a stages carbon 30mm crank arm and have used it successfully with an fsa sl-k bb30 crank on my 68mm bb30 frame.

To lose a few grams and to up the look I got a sram red exogram crank. To use the same stages arm you need a spindle and stages has a few different ones. It happens that I got the wrong one and switching it is kind of expensive (bought my stuff 2nd hand). I've been looking around at alternatives.

The correct spindle for bb30 68mm according to stages is 100.75mm and I got the 113.5mm.

There are cannondale hollowgram spindles at 104mm that should fit nicely with a spacer, I hope. They look the same except they have a little ridge on one end.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience on the matter. Might even be a weight weenie mod here to use a lighter spindle.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


by Weenie

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