Campagnolo PF30 BB cups + SR Bearings on Chorus UT Crank

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by skidrrr

I just bought Deda Ran RS frame and it's PF30 unfortunately.

I plan to install my Chorus crankset using standard Campagnolo PF30 BB cups. I heard new generation should be ok especialy considering my ftp and weight...
And I also want to replace standard steel bearing with ceramic one FC-RE012.

As far as I know there are two types of BB cups for BSA sockets. One is desiged for steel bearing and has water protection layer and one is designed for ceramic SR bearings without any protection. Apparentrly there is only one type of BB cups for PF30 so I'm not sure if SR bearing will play friendly with standard PF cups.

Does anybody know if this combination works? Thanks

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Yes, it would work. All ultra torque cranksets will work with all ultra torque cups.

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by Calnago

Yes, you are fine as far as the cups go. The pressfit cups come with the seals installed but if you want to remove them it's easy to do so... My C60 is not PF30 (it's BB86), so still uses pressfit cups but the concept is the same. The cups come with the seals. I removed them initially, but later after riding over a crushed gravel path for some distance noticed that grit could actually find it's way into the BB shell from the slot for the derailleur cables. I noticed that on a routine maintenance check, and decided to put the seals back in to prevent any grit from cramming into the CULT bearings from the inside. Here's a pic of the cups with the seals removed...

As for using the CULT bearings on the Chorus crank, I don't see this as posing a problem. As with any of these things, it really helps to have the proper tools to do all this stuff so as not to damage anything and also ensure that everything gets installed perfectly aligned. This is particuarly important with any pressed in cups, so a good press is essential, with drifts that fit into the cups and against the bearing seats, as opposed to something like a big flat washer just pressing againts the outer edge of the cups.
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