Best/lightest year supersix?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by alcatraz

Hey wws

If I were into the market of buying a used supersix frame and looking to improve on my fm066sl (901+326g) what year should I be looking at? (I have two bikes, one aero and one weenie)

I'm a small guy so I'm not as much concerned about adding weight to increase max rider weight and so on. Low rider weight is fine.

Does anyone know what year and what model fork+frame is good for a weenie build?

I like to use my sram red crank and stages left side power meter so it has to be bb30/pf30. Don't know if bb30a/pf30a is supported.

I read somewhere long time ago that the fork got lighter at a certain year and so on. Can someone help to clarify?

About the "nano" frame I'm quite sure I can't find such a limited frame.

When I mean weenie I don't mean just the frame. Any design choice that results in a weight benefit also counts. Like two similar weight frames but one with better cable routing (less housing) and one with bb30 instead of the heavier pf30 would win.

I like the cool shape of the evo that has the rear brake routing into the head tube and rear derailleur routing behind the hanger. I don't know if it's lighter though.

Thank you! /a

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by glam2deaf

Going from memory when they launched the current version 2017? (25.4mm seat post) the frame got heavier, but the fork got lighter. The overall package got lighter though.

I'm pretty sure I've seen older frames paired with newer forks for the best of both.

Though if you're really counting grams a 25.4mm post should be lighter than a 27.2mm post

by Weenie

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by logy

I have a 27.2 seatpost model I may sell in a 58. Lighter than my newer version as it is paired with an AX Lightness Daedelus post. Only advantage of the newer bike I can see is the tyre clearance, but it easily fits 25mm tyres on Zipp 404's.

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by gramsqueen ... p?t=137263

Def go hi mod. Do check the geometry chart as these run slightly large.

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by glepore

Hi-sent you a pm on a 52.
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by 4ibanez

I think 13/14/15 are more or less the same. Forks from 2016 are lighter and the frames got a little heavier. You can easily identify the new fork as it has an integrated crown race (which is where the bulk of the weight is saved), a slightly wider stance, and narrower legs.

I've got a 2015 frame and 2016 fork if you look at my build.

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by Imaking20

I've got a 2016 54cm Evo for sale if that's your jam. 780g frame and 260g fork. Includes a 65g PF30 BB. I ran a BB30 sram red crank with MKV compact rings for a total weight of 464g for the crankset. Mcfk seatpost is 125g - Darimo would be lighter still.
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by Weenie

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