Anyone riding Argon 18 Nitrogen?

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by addicted

Anyone riding this frame these days? Thoughts on sizing compared to other bikes?

I ride a 73cm saddle height, which seems to put me between a small and medium. I think I'd have to use their largest spacer on the small to get the bars high enough along with a 120 stem.
With the Medium, shortest spacer with a 110 stem, but not sure if the saddle will be jammed too far into the frame and look like a fred....

Any pics of your setups?


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by topflightpro

I don't have a Nitrogen, but I have a Gallium with the same Headset system. My saddle is set at 75 cm, which puts me right at a Medium.

The geometries of the two are not identical, but they are similar. Even if I were to lower my saddle 2cm to match your saddle height, I don't think it would be too low. In fact, I'd go the opposite, a lot of seatpost with a big stack of headset spacers would look worse than low saddle and fewer spacers.

by Weenie

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by addicted

Thanks, appreciate the info.
Do you happen to have a pic posted of your bike setup?

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by Renne

I've been riding a Nitrogen for the last few years and it's a great ride. Aero, fairly light (for an aero bike) and pretty comfortable (I've ridden non-aero bikes much less comfy).
I'm 186cm with a 79cm saddle height. I ride a size large frame with the big spacer and a 110mm stem.
You can find several pictures of my bike on my Instagram page (

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by bacally

Thanks for the info!
I want to tell you that the best be found here. I also improve my skills with each round right there. I'll play there next month, btw.

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