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by Pieter

Hi all,

I'm having a lot of trouble finding a comfortable saddle.
I've been fitted couple of times (even with pressure point saddle heatmap) and have "undergone" the basic bone width measurement on a cardboard.
Conclusion was always the same -> get a flat and narrow saddle (i have a "climber" build)
So over the last years I have mainly used SLR flow, SLR and SLS. Those saddles just don't work for me when riding multiple long days in a row.
Also tried the specialized power when it came out, and set it up with the front half horizontal. Didn't work either.
Tried fizik antares as well, didn't really work. And some other saddles that came with bikes.

Currently i'm trying a flite 1990, and have to say this feels much better. I feel like I'm finally really sitting on it.
It's much more curved than the SLR's but that seems to work.
So i'm looking to test some modern saddles with some curve.

I was thinking about:
- Fizik aliante
- Specialized power ARC
- Brooks cambium (not sure what width)

Any more suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

by Weenie

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by survivor

AX-Lightness Leaf is among the few that works for me. I am currently on Fabric ALM. It is quite firm but it works for me. It has no cut-out as well.

I heard the new Bontrager XXX full carbon saddle are super comfy being a full carbon saddle. You might want to try the latest and greatest from Selle Italia SP-01 / SP-01 boost.

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by wheelsONfire

I've also been through well over 20 saddles.
Even Cobb and SQ Labs Ergowave.
The best saddles i have used, are ISM PN 3.0 and PN 3.1.

I have both. I also switched to Ergon CF3 seatpost at two bikes.
The combo of PN 3.0 and Ergon CF3 (on my Vial EVO) is just what i would recommend
Yeah, the combo is as close to 500 grams as it gets. But it's worth it!

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by rmr40

I’ve been on a selle Italia SLR superflow for as long as I remember, very comfy but wanted something lighter - I decided on a Berk Lupina, saved 100g and would never go back to the selle Italia. Beautifully made, super light and really comfortable.

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by dmp

My current favorite is the SLR flow kit carbonio (124g), but not the current one- the old version, which is (for me) much more comfortable. I don't know why they ever changed it, because the current version is not as good. The Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon FX narrow (with cut out- 146g on my scale) also works well for me, and they make a superleggera version that is only about 109g.

I've always wanted to try the Berk- it sounds really great.

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by cmoi

I was happy with FIZIK aliante since many years but wanted to try the unique design of the Brook cambium C13 and it was a revelation. More comfort and more dynamic position. The Aliante is more curved than the Cambium but the Cambium remain more comfortable. I first tested the 132mm but definitely too narrow, the 145mm is perfect (it is the best seller of the cambium).
Go to the BROOKS Cambium C13 145mm you will likely adopt it.

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by LouisN

Since you seem to be more comfortable on curved saddles, the Aliante might be a good option. Some SMP's might fit also.
Tons of good condition used sadddles on the market. Buy lots, try lots. One day you'll find your saddle.

Louis :)

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by markdjr

I've been thinking about trying a Dash saddle after experiencing some numbness after a really long ride. They have an option at checkout where you can basically demo the saddle for a small fee if it ends up not working out for you.

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by kgibbo1868

+1 for Berk! Great saddle, great service!

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by TobinHatesYou

I also have been through nearly two dozen saddles. The ISM PN 3.0 worked well for me on flat ground and in an aero position, but it’s far too narrow in back for me while sitting slightly more upright on climbs.

Dash’s convex profile on the Strike did not work for me either.

Right now I am trying a Selle SMP Glider and it’s more comfortable overall, but I am fairly convinced I just have sensitive sitbones and will never find a truly comfortable saddle.
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by PrinceEdward

Using fabric alm, no complaints

Will give a trial for Gelu s3
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by dereksmalls

Berk Lupina all the way!!!!

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by Squashednuts

Tune Speedneedle Marathon
A little curved, reasonable weight
I find it comfortable...more so than previous saddle a Specialized Toupe
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by Konsta

Pieter wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:47 pm
Currently i'm trying a flite 1990, and have to say this feels much better. I feel like I'm finally really sitting on it. It's much more curved than the SLR's but that seems to work. So i'm looking to test some modern saddles with some curve.
If you find old school Flite shape comfortable then you should give Fabric Scoop Shallow a try.

(Assuming you are ok with non-ww saddle weight.)

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by themidge

Flite's are pretty lightweight aren't they? I've heard of them being 185ish with Ti rails, light enough for comfort to be the main consideration I'd say. If the Flite is comfortable enough then keep it, they look cool as well :D.

by Weenie

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