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Re: Brake Lever “Throw” for Hydraulic Disc Brakes?

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:25 am
by PyreofFyre
Hi all,

Apologies for the radio silence, and thanks for all the inputs and insights.

Just a heads up that I've tried re-bleeding a few times now (hence the radio silence), as carefully as a I can and could only manage a level travel (not "throw" as in the title) from start to about 1/4 distance (remaining) from the handlebar, before you get that firm feeling of full actuation.

The levers are also non-adjusted for contact point, and I decided against Wheelbuilder's last suggestion, for the reasons mentioned by others (i.e. issues when fluid is heated).

All things considered, it was a great first experience, to learn about hydraulics - and thanks for the help!

>> Wheelbuilder, it's a Shimano. Apologies for the omission, I assumed that disc brakes were relatively similar :S