Cannondale supersix evo 105 vs ultegra

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by spikehiyashi6

Hi all, first post here. I'm thinking of buying a cannondale supersix evo, and I'm stuck between the 105 model and the ultegra model. I have a deal with my bike club to buy directly from cannondale so everything is 30% off MSRP. It seems like there's only about a ~200g difference between the two, and I don't feel like that justifies spending an additional $350 US, so I'm leaning towards the 105 model. My total budget is around 2 grand, and I'm wondering if you guys think I can save more weight and efficiency myself if I just buy upgrades (I'd have around $500 left over if I bought the 105, whereas only 100-200 if I bought ultegra). I plan on replacing the wheelset with a current set that I already own, which weighs around 1550g, so that should shave off some decent weight. I've seen a lot of people talking abotu lightweight tires/tubes as well as titanium skewers. Are there any other parts I can replace that won't cost me a ton of money but will still save a decent chunk of weight? P.S. the bike is coming stock as it's listed off of the website.

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by eforce123

I would go with the 105 and use the extra cash for maintenance or buy additional gear. You can always upgrade to D9000 if you want to later down the road. My wife just got a brand new giant with 105 and it shifts amazing, to give you an idea of what to expect.

by Weenie

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by Orbital

I bought my Evo with 105. Fist thing I did was upgrade the boat anchor Gossamer crank that came on mine. There’s huge weight savings to be had there.

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by jch3n

It might be worth going with Ultegra R8000 in this case since it looks like the 105 stuff is still the previous generation (5800). It would be a different story if it was 105 R7000. Otherwise, they seem like pretty much the same bike apart from shifters and derailleurs.

You can easily save some weight by replacing the alloy seatpost, stem, bars, saddle, and an Ultegra cassette without breaking the bank too much.

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